Online Accounts
Updated January 30th 2010

Online accounts are a relatively new concept that almost every bank has adopted. They can often be named e-savings accounts or online savers and they can only be used via internet or phone. They offer great rates and if you use the internet regularly then they probably are the type of savings account for you.

Account Name


Online Saver 4.75


Netbank Saver 5.85


NAB iSaver 5.85


eSaver 5.85

Top Account

Commonwealth/NAB/Westpac 5.85%

We always advise you check with the bank before making any decisions charts are not automatically updated and thus there are likely to be mistakes. Information gathered by the team at Rates Compare also can possibly be sourced incorrectly. We then again remind you to always check with the bank to see if the rate is correct.

Some of these rates show rates that include the bonus interest and thus it will not always be this high. There is likely to be requirements to get such interest rates, again always check with the banks.

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