Savings Accounts

Updated January 29th 2011


A standard savings account is a not quite as standard as it used to be. There are different variations between every bank; some reward you for making deposits, others have bonuses for not withdrawing within a certain period of time. It is then not possible to accurately compare accounts as some have more benefits even if they have a lower rate.

Rates Compare has then decided to show the rates of each banks highest yielding account not taking into consideration fees, deposit minimums and other possible differences.

NOTE: Most rates shown based on $5000.

NOTE: Rates shown have bonus rate included in figure, which can be far greater than their standard rate.


Account Name


Premium Cash Management 3.75


Cash Manager 3.55


Investment Cash Management 3.50


Cash Investment 3.45

This information is for investment over 10,000 and between varying brackets, double check on each banks page to be more accurate with rates.

Top Account

ANZ Premium Cash Management 3.75%

We always advise you check with the bank before making any decisions charts are not automatically updated and thus there are likely to be mistakes. Information gathered by the team at Rates Compare also can possibly be sourced incorrectly. We then again remind you to always check with the bank to see if the rate is correct.

The rates that include the bonus interest are obviously not always as high. There is likely to be requirements to get such interest rates, again always check with the banks.


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