Mortgage Compare
Updated 29th Jan 2011

This is a manually updated page which quickly and easily compares the standard variable rates of the four major banks. If you would like more up to date information go to each banks individual mortage page ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB or Westpac as they are up dated live from their websites.

Standard Variable Rate
Comparison Rate


7.80 7.90




7.67 7.80


7.81 7.94

Home loans are a very complex area in banking and you must make sure you thoroughly check each product to see which is right for you and always discuss with the bank before going ahead. Remember no question is stupid when your finances are concerned so do a lot of research and comparison.

Listed below is a comparison of Westpac’s variable home loan options. They are liable to change so check with the bank for more precise numbers. There can be differences also due to how much you are borrowing so use this only as a rough guide. Good Luck!