Term Deposits
Updated 20th January 2011

For more up to date information you can get live rates for each bank simply click the bank in the Term Deposit menu above.

Quick Explanation: Term deposits are when you lock away a lump sum of money for a certain period of time. They are usually the accounts that offer the highest interest rates. They cant be accessed at all in the period there locked away and if you do use the money and break the contract you usually get a lots less interest and it wouldn't have been worth while.

Bold -Highest Rate for Particular Month


Anz     5.40 5.80   6.00           6.20 6.20 6.20  
Westpac       5.50   6.00           6.10 6.00 6.30 7.00
NAB       5.60     6.00         6.20 6.20 6.50 7.00
Commonwealth     5.60       6.00         6.10   6.20 6.40
Bank Of Qld       5.80   6.45     6.35     6.40 6.55 6.55  
Elders Rural Bank       6.00         6.30     6.40      
Bank West     6.00       6.20         6.00      
ING Direct 4.75   5.40 5.50     6.00         6.40 6.60    
Bendigo   5.40   5.70   6.00           6.25 6.35   7.00
Heritage Building Society     5.75     6.25     6.30     6.35 6.35   7.00
Suncorp*       5.50         6.30       6.50   6.00
Macquarie     5.70 5.70 5.70 6.10     6.20     6.20 6.50    

*Suncorp is for amounts over 10,000, there can also be differences in when interest is paid which can effect rates.

Bendigo 60 Months 7.00 %

Heritage Building Society 60 Months 7.00 %

Westpac/NAB 60 Months 7.00 %

Remember not all term deposit rates are included on all the tables, as most banks only have good rates for certain months. We therefore pick there best rates and the best banks so you only get the top interest rates. Most Australian banks, we believe, are reliable and so we place no bias on which term deposits are good and leave that decision to you. 

There can easily be changes in interest rates, for most up to date rates go to the bank directly or look on their website.

Note: These charts were correct on February 11th and are viable to sudden change by the individual banks, always check the most up to date rates on there web sites.

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There are 5 bands of money that we are going to compare. as each bank differs in categories of money for term deposits it will always be difficult so we have organized it 5000-10000, 10000-25000, 25000-50000, 50000-100000, 100000 +. So we once again recommend you use this information to choose a the best rates then follow it up with the bank its self and make sure that is the best possible term deposit for your needs and financial situation. For more information on term deposits, click here.

The Charts below work on a very simple layout; on the left hand side is a list of banks and along the top there are a list of numbers (these are months: note that not every month is included and on some charts these months change, the reason being is that the ones we list are the optimum months for term deposits and the months not include eg 4 months on this first chart, has interest rates that we feel are not worth putting on the table.)

Chart rates are shown for term deposits paying on an annual basis(on maturity), not a monthly or quarterly payment of interest.

Some rates are shown for 3 month periods, but are actually 90 day, make sure you always check with the bank's website or contact them before opening the particular term deposit.

correct as of june 30th 11.30 pm, information gathered from individual bank web sites.